5 Best Treatments for Adults With ADHD

Oct 01, 2023
5 Best Treatments for Adults With ADHD
There are a number of safe, healthy, and mild treatments for adults with ADHD, not to mention ways to combine them for a customizable program. So what are you waiting for? You deserve to get the help you need.

Do you notice you struggle to remember things or that deadlines often pass you by? Maybe you notice you talk a lot — even when you’re not meaning to — or that you have trouble being patient. These can all be signs of adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

You may think of ADHD as a children’s disease, but in fact, many adults live with it. A 2019 study found adult ADHD went from affecting 0.43% to 0.96% of the population in just a decade. 

At Black Onyx, we offer a number of treatment options for those who want better coping skills for ADHD’s symptoms. 

Peter Pham, PMHNP-BC, and Diana Bush, PMHNP-BC, understand the needs of adults with ADHD as well as the options available. In one of our four California offices, you can begin your treatment for ADHD and learn how to better manage this issue. 

1. Behavioral therapy

Behavioral therapy is one of the best, most well-tolerated treatment options for ADHD. Being able to open up to a therapist about the experience of living with this condition — as well as working on any underlying issues with it — can help greatly in allowing you to better manage your symptoms.

This type of counseling is often structured, and your therapist guides you through the program. Its main goal is to reroute negative coping skills and behaviors so you’re able to create a better, more positive response to the issue at hand. Over time, this response becomes ingrained.

2. Medication

Many adults with ADHD utilize a combination of stimulant medications and behavioral therapy. Although one can be given without the other, medications usually work best when supported with therapy so we can check in with you periodically as you adjust to your dosage. 

Stimulant medications are most commonly used to treat ADHD, but there are some non-stimulant options. This could be helpful if you have experienced problems with substance abuse or if you are uncomfortable taking stimulant drugs, as their potential for misuse means you need to be careful when you take them. 

3. Comorbidity treatment

Another part of treating ADHD in adults is treating comorbidities — or other mental disorders — that affect you. It’s very common for adults with ADHD to be diagnosed with another mental illness, such as anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, substance use disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Comorbid disorders are often treated together, which usually has the best outcomes for the patient. That’s why, at Black Onyx, we consider all of your needs and make them a part of your full treatment plan. 

4. Group, relationship, or family therapy

Often, your ADHD isn’t only affecting you but the other people in your life as well. And your relationships may, in turn, be affecting your ability to cope with your disorder. 

Working on these relationships and ensuring they are able to flourish in healthy, constructive ways for all parties involved is often very effective in helping adults with ADHD. 

5. Practical approaches 

Sometimes, the simplest solution can do a world of good. This is why we weave practical approaches into your program to ensure the most effective treatment possible. These approaches can include changes to your diet, exercise routines, herbal supplements, and sleep improvements. 

ADHD treatment at Black Onyx 

Have you considered seeking help for ADHD, but you weren’t sure what treatment would entail? We hope now you can see the program for managing this disorder is not only highly customizable but also safe and effective.

To learn more, give us a call, or schedule an appointment online when convenient. Our offices are located in San Diego, Los Angeles, South San Francisco, and Orange, California.