What Is Medical Weight Loss Management?

Jul 01, 2023
 What Is Medical Weight Loss Management?
Losing weight sometimes seems like a Sisyphean effort, but maybe that’s because you’ve never had the support and treatment options that can really make it possible. Consider medical weight loss management today.

Losing weight isn’t as easy as some people make it out to be. While many would like to believe a lack of willpower holds back those who want to lose weight and struggle to do so, there are often many other factors at play that have nothing to do with your self-control.

Fortunately, there are options, such as medical weight loss management, that can help you recognize and deal with these factors. And in turn, you’ll be able to form a healthy, regimented program for consistent weight loss.

At Black Onyx, we provide integrated psychiatry in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange, and South San Francisco, California. Peter Pham, PMHNP-BC, and Diana Bush, PMHNP-BC, work with patients to provide individualized weight management programs that work.

Why it can be so hard to lose weight

People are constantly spouting weight loss secrets and tips on social media as well as offering unkind comments to those they deem too overweight. 

This environment can make it impossible to determine how to lose weight safely and effectively as well as to know what you really want to do in terms of loving and caring for your body. 

We want to help you lose weight in the safest way possible for your overall mental and physical health. What’s more, we want to assist you in building a long-term relationship with your body that involves healthy habits. But this is just one aspect of what we do. 

In addition, weight loss isn’t just about mind over matter. It often has a great deal to do with hormonal imbalances that make it harder for certain people to lose weight. For some who struggle with this issue, no matter how hard they try to lose weight, the pounds drop very gradually or not at all. 

Medical weight loss management 101

Medical weight loss management is a program that utilizes a number of treatments to help you lose weight more quickly and easily than if you had tried to do so on your own. These treatments are tailored to your specific situation and needs in order to ensure the best outcomes. 

First, we order a series of tests to determine if you have any hormone imbalances. Then treatment usually involves behavioral modification through psychotherapy and an exploration of your relationship to your body. 

Finally, we work with you to develop a plan for your nutrition, exercise routines, and any medications, should you require them. 

This regimen differs for each individual. For example, you may require dietary supplements or prescription weight loss medications, or a therapeutic element — like stress management — may play a bigger role in your treatment plan.

A good candidate for weight management 

Weight loss doesn’t have to happen all at once. In fact, small changes that create a healthier lifestyle in the long term are often better than extreme alterations to your life. These small changes are easier to maintain, especially when you have help, guidance, and encouragement.

Not everyone needs to lose weight, and not everyone who does needs help doing so. But if you have been struggling with weight loss for a long time, have participated in fad diets, and/or have an unhealthy relationship with your body, it may be time to seek help. 

If you’re not sure if certain hormonal imbalances could be making it harder to lose weight, it’s time to find out.

Black Onyx offers individualized weight loss management programs from caring providers with vast knowledge on how to lose weight safely and in a healthy manner — both for your mental and physical states. If this sounds like something you would like, it may be time to reach out. 

Get help losing weight today

Weight loss is possible, especially if you choose to do it in a way in which you feel supported. We offer healthy programs for weight loss that are tailored to your individual needs and wellness. 

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